Website ROI: The Return on Investment for a Website Redesign

I’ve run into a few people that don’t understand how a website redesign could make them money, so I figured I would use that as the topic for this blog post.

First, we could start off with the web design ROI calculation:

Profit/Web Design ROI = (Leads x Closing Rate) x (Price – Delivery Costs)

Leads = Website visitors who make an appointment or inquire about a product or sign up for your newsletter

Closing Rate = Percentage of leads that become your customers

Price = What you charge for your product or service

Delivery Costs = Before marketing/sales, the total cost to sell your product or service

There are several things that we can do to improve your site and several things that we will avoid when building your site. I have a very informative infographic from HostGator that explains this further. As a side note: According to The Whole Brain Group, infographics increase traffic by over 400%.

The ROI Of Great Web Design

The ROI Of Great Web Design via HostGator

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