How Bad Web Design Sunk My Business

After I graduated college in 2013, I decided to open a construction company. At the time, I had 5 years of experience in construction. My biggest question was: How do I go about marketing? (Probably the biggest question on any new business owner’s mind.) My uncle had owned a construction company prior to the major recession of 2009. He marketed his company with the local newspaper. Good idea, right? Unfortunately, I found out the hard way. I did not realize that a lot had changed in the past 5 years. I found out that no one reads the newspaper anymore. Everything is online.

After a couple months of dealing with not getting a single phone call, I decided to build my own website. At the time, I guess I figured that I could do anything. I guess I didn’t have respect or knowledge of websites. (Just like when you decide to do plumbing yourself instead of hiring a plumber… yikes!)

A couple of months later, business picked up, but nowhere near what I had expected. I had been browsing an online forum called “Contractor Talk” ( …I highly recommend this forum for contractors) and I asked the simple question: Why am I not getting any leads? The first response (which garnished a ton of “Thank You For This Useful Post” …which is similar to a Facebook Like) asked me what my website looked like. I nonchalantly posted a link to it. The next thing I know, I heard a TON of criticism. I thought to myself, “I don’t get it, it tells them what they need to know…”

But the simple fact is that poor design can kill your conversion rate (the percentage of customers that call you after looking at your website). After spending 2+ years learning web design/development, I now understand the impact of hiring a professional when it comes to web design. I’ve seen some pretty awful DIY designs with poor functionality. Check out these links I found regarding how important the design of your website is if you want a respected and profitable business:

How Bad Web Design Can Hurt Your Business

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According to Stanford University’s web credibility research, 75% of consumers say that they will judge a business’ credibility based solely on their website. Wow. Small business owners want to increase their sales and some ignore the second most important form of marketing: their website! (The first would be positive word-of-mouth.)

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This is just a funny example regarding what a bad website looks like. It’s fake, but it shows you what not to do.

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